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Peter -10.18.67

Peter is a jack of all trades, he can fix a tractor as easily as he can prepare a sermon. His favorite color is green and anything painted in that is sure to please him.


Zirlene - 04.08.75

Zirlene never stops working, be it cooking, cleaning, discipling, teaching, or making lists of everything that needs to be done.

In her rare moments of free time, she enjoys knitting.


Stanley - 10.11.01

Stanley is a bookworm, a history buff, and a tech guy.

He enjoys the indoors and being surrounded with books and computers.

His hobby is writing novels in his spare time.


Kevin - 02.29.04

Kevin is an outdoorsman and bears the scars of many adventures. He enjoys spending time with his friends.

Our Family


Peter Allen Doolittle

Birthday: October 18, 1967

       I was born in Janesville, WI to Robert and Marilyn Doolittle. When I was only nine months old, my parents travelled with their five kids to the Mission Field of Brazil. They didn't speak a word of Portuguese, but they knew God wanted them there. I grew up working in the ministry and thought I was saved by default, it was only when I was 10 years old that I understood my need for salvation and gave my life to Christ. After this I continued in the work of the Lord with more courage and enthusiasm for now I knew in whom I believed.

       At age 13 I was reading a book where missionaries were martyred for trying to teach the gospel, I began crying and asking God to send someone to replace those who had fallen, that was when the Lord touched my heart and I understood he wanted me to be a missionary. I went to Bible college to study to return to Brazil and by 1990 I was back in the field serving as an assistant pastor in the second church my father started. That was when I met my wife and we fell in love, three years later on July 24, 1993 we were married and serving the Lord together.

       In 1991 I became Camp Director at Camp Maranatha and have been leading this ministry ever since, we live on the camp property and maintain the place ourselves while still working with many other ministries. The year of 1996 was when we started our first church in the neighborhood of Tarumã where we stayed for 17 years while working with camps and starting congregations.

       In 2018 we felt God leading us to start a new church and we started a new ministry in another part of the city, this new church is going strong with many faithful members and is growing steadily. For me, there is no higher pleasure than to be serving my God here in the place that has become home to me, and I pray that God may grant me many more years of service to Him!

Zirlene Brito Doolittle

Birthday: April 8, 1975

       I was born to a very Catholic family in rural Brazil. From a young age I went to Mass and was taught the ways of catholicism, despite my youth, I had a great desire to please God and believed the Catholic church was the way to do so. One day I went to confess my sins to the priest and he told me to say a certain prayer in front of a saint's image, as I was saying my prayer I felt empty, I knew that statue wasn't listening to me and I started searching for the truth.

       Years later, someone invited me to go to a Baptist church, I went with her a few times but it wasn't enough for me to understand salvation. Finally, I went to a retreat at Camp Maranatha and on the third day of camp I understood my need for a Savior and gave my life to Christ. I was 11 at the time and left the catholic church immediately as I knew they were not preaching the word of God, soon I found myself at the second church that Robert Doolittle had started and began participating there. Excited about my newfound faith I grew quickly in understanding of the word of the Lord and became a Sunday School teacher by age 13, serving God in whatever way I could. My family eventually started following me to church and a short time later my mother and three sibling had also converted to Christ!

       Peter and I had known each other ever since I joined the church but only in 1992 did we discover that we had deeper emotions for each other and a few months later, on July 24, 1993 we were married! It has been a privilege for me to be married to a man of God and help direct the same camp where I was saved, the years have brought trials but I thank the Lord for his goodness towards me!

Stanley Doolittle

Birthday: October 11, 2001

       I was born in Brazil to parents that had already been serving the Lord as missionaries for nearly a decade. This made for a unique upbringing and I grew up learning about God and working in the ministry. At the age of five I was having my daily Bible lesson with dad (we have always been homeschooled growing up on the mission field) and that specific day I remember the lesson was about the crucifiction of Jesus, something clicked in my mind that day and I realized that I still had not accepted God's free gift and asked Christ to come into my life. I told that to dad and together we knelt in front of a large second-story window that overlooked the city and there I prayed and asked God into my heart. Ever since, I have been working alongside my parents and doing whatever I can to help in the ministry.

       During Family Camp 2019, I felt God calling me to serve Him, I knew already what I wanted to do and what my plans were but had not truly asked God if that was what He wanted of me. Once I felt the call I abandoned all my other plans and started preparing to serve the Lord, I will be going to college in the Fall of 2020 to prepare myself to come back to Brazil as a missionary to serve the Lord here with establishing a training center where we can teach and equip the nationals to fulfill the Great Commission.

       I don't know what the future brings, but I trust in God and plan on following his guidance every step of the way!

Kevin Doolittle

Birthday: February 29, 2004

I was born on leap day in 2004. When I was seven years old, I realized the importance of accepting Christ's free gift of Salvation for myself. On a Sunday morning while the Sunday School teacher was giving a lesson on the life of Christ I finally gave my heart and life to Jesus. Ever since I have been involved in the ministry in any way I can and want to live for my King. Growing up as a missionary kid has given me the opportunity to make many new friends and I always enjoy camp time and the opportunity to meet new people. 

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